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Vienne the Roman

historics site, Historic sites,cultural discovery

Historical sites, cultural discoveries

Come back in 2 500 years of history.

Gallo-roman time

Discover the antic teather, a real open air museum.

Others historicals prouves : Augusta and Livie Temple, the pyramid and the archeological garden of Cybele. These are perfectly included in the urban country.

This site St Romain En Gal Vienne, extent on some hectars, is one of the most beautiful museum and archeological site of Europe.


Medieval time

Vienne,blessed city, was known as the first city which welcome the christianity commaunity : that’s why it has amazing religious monument.

But Vienne has an industrial past with craftmens. Five museums have collections, mosaics and looms.  The city have more than 40 classified monuments and sites.


Take your time to visit this city which is labbelled as City of art and history.

Distance : 25 km
Contact : http://www.vienne-tourisme.com
38200 VIENNE